Bartley Ridge – What’s in the Neighbourhood? Future Developments in the Master Plan

When I went to Bartley Ridge for the showflat preview, one question crossed my mind. Since Bartley is an up and coming area still under development, what exactly is going to happen to this neighbourhood? Will any new developments come up next to Bartley Ridge?

With this in mind, I did a little research over at the URA website. Here is a screen grab from the Master Plan 2008. Picture
Above the star is the location of the Bartley Ridge site. As you can see, it is coloured orange. All the orange areas represent Residential zones. You can also see how near the Bartley MRT is – just around the corner, directly above Bartley Ridge on the map. The yellow area with the E represents an Educational Institution – Maris Stella High, to be exact. The red areas are to be used for Civic and Community Institutions. The area directly opposite to Bartley Ridge is currently a police academy.

So far, so good. The neighbourhood is highly residential and extremely close to amenities such as MRT, and good schools.

Now, you’ll also notice a large patch of green in the map. Here is the bonus. That entire area has been zoned as a Park, which is the perfect addition to an already peaceful and private neighbourhood. In fact, the park extends further left, beyond the boundaries of this map. With Singapore’s population density on the rise, it’s great to have such a green space to relax, and to put some much-appreciated distance between you and your neighbours.

I hope this has cleared up some of your questions. I know it has cleared mine!

Bartley Ridge is due to launch this Friday, 22 March. Do come down to the showflat, and give me a call if you do!

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