All About the Jurong Region Line (JRL) MRT Stations

Jurong Region Line Illustration

Source: LTA

The Jurong Region Line (JRL) is Singapore’s 7th MRT line. It serves Singapore's "second CBD", including Jurong Industrial Estate, Jurong Innovation District, and the Nanyang Technological University (NTU). The JRL will connect to existing lines at Choa Chu Kang, Boon Lay and Jurong East stations. It is targeted to open in phases, starting in 2026 and completing in 2028. Here is a list of all the stations, their locations, and the condos nearby.

Stage 1, targeted to open in 2026: Choa Chu Kang - Choa Chu Kang West - Tengah - Hong Kah - Corporation - Jurong West - Bahar Junction - Boon Lay - Gek Poh - Tawas

Stage 2, targeted to open in 2027: Tengah Plantation - Tengah Park - Bukit Batok West - Toh Guan - Jurong East - Jurong Town Hall - Pandan Reservoir
Condos Nearby:

Stage 3, targeted to open in 2028: Enterprise - Tukang - Jurong Hill - Jurong Pier - Nanyang Gateway - Nanyang Crescent - Peng Kang Hill

JS1 - Choa Chu Kang (Interchange with North South Line)

JS1 Choa Chu Kang

JS2 - Choa Chu Kang West

JS2 Choa Chu Kang West

JS5 - Corporation

JS5 Corporation

JS6 - Jurong West

JS6 Jurong West

JS7 - Bahar Junction

JS7 Bahar Junction

JS8 - Boon Lay (Interchange with East West Line)

JS8 Boon Lay

JW1 - Gek Poh

JW1 Gek Poh

JW2 - Tawas

JW2 Tawas

JE2 - Tengah Park

JE2 Tengah Park

JE3 - Bukit Batok West

JE3 Bukt Batok West

JE4 - Toh Guan

JE4 Toh Guan

JE5 - Jurong East (Interchange with North South and East West Lines)

JE5 Jurong East

JE6 - Jurong Town Hall

JE6 Jurong Town Hall

JE7 - Pandan Reservoir

JE7 Pandan Reservoir

JS9 - Enterprise

JS9 Enterprise

JS10 - Tukang

JS10 Tukang

JS11 - Jurong Hill

JS11 Jurong Hill

JS12 - Jurong Pier

JS12 Jurong Pier

JW3 - Nanyang Gateway

JW3 Nanyang Gateway

JW4 - Nanyang Crescent

JW4 Nanyang Crescent

JW5 - Peng Kang Hill

JW5 Pengkang Hill