Sant Ritz Showflat Photos – Sneak Preview!

Exclusive Sant Ritz showflat photos! Get a sneak preview of how the showflat looks before the launch tomorrow, Friday 12 April.

Here is the bedroom and attached bath behind. I like the mosaic tile and extensive use of glass panels. Very modern and stylish.
Sant Rtiz Showflat Photo - Bedroom and Bathroom

The kitchen is well equipped and streamlined with built-in appliances and ample storage and counter space.
Sant Ritz Showflat Photo - Kitchen

As for the studio kitchenette, it is compact and functional. The countertop material is interesting – looks very high end. The red backsplash is also an unusual but attractive choice.
Sant Ritz Showflat Photo - Kitchenette

And finally, here is the model of the Sant Ritz Development. On the left you can see the row houses, and on the right is the condo tower block. Water features are prominently featured – there is a lap pool and a cute children’s water play area.
Sant Ritz Showflat Photo - Model

Read more about Sant Ritz and do give me a call at 83187083 if you decide to drop by the showflat!

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