Bartley Ridge Showflat Review

The first thing that strikes you when you enter the Bartley Ridge showflat is the spacious, squarish layout. Large windows bring in plenty of natural light, while the North-South facing of all units ensures that no one will have to endure Singapore’s harsh afternoon sun.

The developers have really strove to make Bartley Ridge live up to its positioning as a “luxury condominium”.

We are all familiar with the ever-shrinking size of the bedrooms in new condo developments, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that all bedrooms could accommodate a double bed comfortably.

Bartley Ridge Showflat Photo

This is a 1-bedroom but doesn’t feel like it!

Bartley Ridge Showflat Photo

Not the Master bedroom but still good sized.

Because there are no household shelters or bay windows in this development, the living space has been maximised and the creation of dead space has been carefully avoided. And of course, to keep the place neat and clutter-free, the developers have also built-in lots of storage solutions that are not usually seen in other developments. Think concealed pantry cabinets, built-in closets with space saving sliding doors, and huge drawers under the sink in the bathroom.

Bartley Ridge Showflat Photo

Much-needed but often-overlooked bathroom storage!

Bartley Ridge Showflat Photo

Pull-out pantry and the free Electrolux fridge.

A nice bonus from the developers is that units will come fully fitted with free fridge and washer/dryer. Even better, is that these are branded Electrolux appliances.The theme of luxury continues in the bathrooms, which have been fitted with Hansgrohe sanitary fittings and look like they could have come straight from a 5-star hotel.

But of course, don’t take my word for it. Come down to the showflat and see it for yourself!

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